Our latest book, Habitat Creation in Garden Design, will be published later this year by Crowood Press.

"There is a growing interest in creating gardens for wildlife, but this is often accompanied by a tendency to equate naturalness with messiness. The idea that wildlife gardens need to be untidy and unkempt persists. Understanding the needs of plants and how they interact establishes some parameters for design, stimulates ideas and reminds us of appropriate association of plants and materials. Far from limiting creativity, it reinforces a sense of place. Written by two experienced garden designers, this book uses the language of design to frame garden habitats, uniting design principles with an ecological perspective to create beautiful wildlife havens". 

Catherine has also published two academic books, focusing on memory, change and process in landscape design: Reimagining Industrial Sites: changing histories and landscapes and Revealing Change in Cultural Landscapes: material, spatial and ecological considerations

These books examine people's perceptions of green spaces that were once derelict and touch on issues such as sustainability, habitat creation and preservation, landscape narratives and links with the past.

Catherine's first book, A New Naturalism, published by Packard Publishing, discusses how to design naturalistic planting schemes and includes interviews with key designers in the field.