DesignWild for gardens

Urban gardens cover about a quarter of the area of cities, and increasingly provide homes for animals whose wild habitats are in decline.

We all know that there are many things you can add to your garden to encourage wildlife, from bird feeders to ponds and berry-bearing trees. But it may be that you have the opportunity to make major interventions for wildlife, or even have a blank canvas for your garden, and wish to have guidance in doing this while still creating a stylish, people-friendly wildlife haven.

Gardens can be rich in diverse habitats, while expressing style, order and beauty. Habitats for insects can be unusual and creative and other important wildlife features, such as ponds, can be designed to link with both contemporary and traditional architecture. Plants can be chosen to provide a colourful and dramatic display over a long season and this drama can be maintained into the winter through the use of strong stucture and form. 

We can help you to realise the potential of your garden. Our services cover advice and consultancy, planting designs and plant lists for wildlife and a full garden design package.