DesignWild for public spaces

Public spaces provide an excellent canvas to introduce people and communities to ideas which they can reproduce at home, and to join up habitats thus creating wildlife corridors. They enable people to engage with large scale expressions of biodiversity within usable and welcoming public places, and increase their enjoyment of open, sociable places.

Informal spaces such as Liseberg Amusement Park, formal ones such as the Penny Brohn Courtyards, and gardens like our Flatford garden for RSPB which incorporates fluid and informal places, all have niches, habitats and resources which flora and fauna can exploit while giving pleasure to visitors.

Schools and colleges, hospitals and care homes all have grounds which have enormous potential to benefit users. Biodiversity coupled with contemporary design creates multifunctional places, and many offices and shopping centres are set in small pockets of space which could be rewarding for people and wildlife with the right treatment.

As well as creating larger scale designs, we can advise on making the most of scraps of the public realm which remain after infill, “space left over after planning”. Vertical or unpromising spaces are increasingly important in the effort to buffer the effects of climate change, loss of habitats, and pollution.