Landmarque Huf Hauses

A development of 5 new houses by Huf Haus was built in an agricultural setting in Wiltshire. The site is set within open pasture, and viewed at a distance, so it was desirable to retain the natural feel in the gardens, to restore habitats for wildlife, and to create new ones.

New mixed hedgerows were planted, and old ones restored. Areas of native grass land was seeded, and trees planted are locally abundant natives. As well as blending the development in with the surroundings, these measures provide food and homes for birds and insects.

These trees and hedgerows contribute to the wildlife corridors which shelter animals, and which have been lost from much farmland. By recreating these physical connections, gardens can help to compensate for habitats lost through intensive agriculture, development and infrastrucure projects which isolate and fragment populations of animals and insects.