Liseberg Amusement Park

This woodland garden is designed with Gothenburg-based landscape architecture team 02Landskap, to provide a relaxing space for visitors to the Liseberg Amusement Park in Gothenburg, Sweden. The existing rocky valley and mature woodland are important features of the park and provide large and varied habitats for birds. Visitors wend their way through the trees and up the hill to the summit where there is a seating area with views into the leafy valley. A contemporary version of a woodland stream runs down through the valley, over the huge 'water tables', emerging eventually as a rill winding through the open grassland. The waterway is constructed to help mitgate water runoff from the buildings above the woods.

The existing deciduous woodland is enhanced with an area for evergreen trees and shrubs such as yew, and the woodland planting includes a mix of native shade-loving ground cover, bulbs and low growing non-native flowering plants.