DesignWild for developments

New build and refurbished developments have a responsibility to sustainability which is formalised through:
  • BREEAM ratings
  • Sustainable Urban Drainage
  • Biodiversity
  • Habitat provision and enhancement
  • Quality of life

Beyond landscape design for developments, these are all things which are frequently needed for the success of planning applications, Code for Sustainable Homes assessment, and to appeal to prospective buyers and users. DesignWild can enable you to meet these requirements in a cost effective way, while making new environments more attractive to users whether they are residents, employees, or visitors.

The introduction of rain gardens, roof gardens, planting for varied insect and animal life, and the preservation of native flora all add value to dwellings and commercial developments. These interventions are perfectly consistent with elegant contemporary design. The potential benefits include:

  • Addressing planning concerns
  • Solving environmental problems in a creative and attractive way
  • Adding value to projects
  • Cost effective approach to meeting ecological requirements

DesignWild works with architects, ecologists and engineers to integrate biodiversity with modern development in contemporary design.

The Code for Sustainable Homes requires compliance in nine categories for all newly built homes. In most cases gardens and the landscape have a central role in meeting targets.

To learn more about how DesignWild can help you achieve improved CfSH ratings click here: the Code for Sustainable Homes